【ニッポンの希少部位 その壱】「天守建築」のディテールを解説!

【ニッポンの希少部位 その壱】「天守建築」のディテールを解説!

※黄色文字は全て建物の名称です。 写真提供/松本市役所 松本城管理事務所

5. Katoumado
Windows on Tenshu and towers are mostly with grates called Musha-mado, but some of the windows has more details in their designs. Widows that are called Katoumado has design that has flowery or flame like shape on top, which is implemented from China’s design. The designs started to be used during Kamakura era (1185-1333) at Zensouji temple and became more common during Azuchi-Momoyama Era (1558-1600) at castles and shrines.

6. Kouran and Kaien
Kaien are small passage surrounding the building, and Kouran are placed surrounding the Kaien so people would not fall. So, it is just a small balcony, but some of them are just imitations not like ones at Hikone Castle or Maruoka Castle where people can stand on it. Most Kouran and Kaien are placed surrounding the Tenshu, but Matsumoto Castle has their Kouran and Kaien on their Watch Tower.

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