【ニッポンの希少部位 その弐】「浴衣」のディテールを解説!

【ニッポンの希少部位 その弐】「浴衣」のディテールを解説!

A diagram-based explanation, which once learned, you can call yourself an expert.
写真提供/上田嘉一朗商店 写真は、来年(2020年)に創業100周年を迎える和装品卸の老舗、上田嘉一朗商店(本社:東京・日本橋横山町)の「“和達人”紳士浴衣 虎NV」。綿100%、参考上代7,500円 ※卸のみ、一般消費者は購入不可。TEL:03-3663-2511  /This picture is provided by Uedakaichirou-shoten. A Long standing Japanese traditional wear wholesale store, where they celebrate their 100 Year mark next year (2020). “Watatsujin” Gentlemen’s YUKATA Type Tiger Navy Blue. 100% Cotton, reference price is at 7500 Yen. (Only available as wholesale, not available for regular consumers).

Also called “Kyouji”, a long belt like fabric sawn to the collar. Or the sawn place itself. When it became dirty or worn, you can take them off and wash it or replace it with new ones.

A slim and long fabric added to the edges of “Uwamae” and “Shitamae” to make wider space. Or the sawn place itself. For this fabric, it makes the area of the overlap between “Uwamae” and “Shitamae” wider, making it easier to wear.

Uwamae & Shitamae
“Uwamae” is where comes on top when two sides are placed together. “Shitamae” is where comes on bottom. Japanese traditional rules are always left body comes on top for both male and female. When right body comes on top, it became for the dead. When worn, if your right hand is easy to place inside, then you are wearing it correctly.

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